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This Fall, our PTA has been hard at work rolling out new initiatives centered around our theme for 2017/2018... A Healthy You, Inside & Out. In October we kicked off Thoughtful Thursdays, a 20-minute window in the morning, once a week, dedicated to bringing together North Hi Mount students and their families for some thoughtful meditation, exercises, and discussion to kick start their day and grow as a community.

Thoughtful Thursdays was created by our PTA Healthy Lifestyles Committee and led by NHM parent, PTA Member, and Yogi, Analiese Hill. Our children's days are filled with classroom learning, outdoor activities, arts, homework, family time, TV, car rides, ipads, stress, etc... the list goes on. This is our chance to carve out some time for our kids to spend a few moments outside of all the chaos and reflect. Just look at the photos, they love it!

So if you see a group of people sitting under the magnolia tree out in front of the school on Thursday mornings, don't be shy and please come join us. No need to sign up for anything, no fee, no hassle. Just 20 minutes of peace!