It's amazing what happens when a group of parents and their North Hi Mount students come together with one common and simple goal. What started as a small group of us chatting about sprucing up our historic campus grew into a full fledged committee in a matter of days.

Some wanted to bring in new plants to add life to the marquee, some wanted to add more seating under the trees for the students to enjoy, and some just wanted to give the fence line some much needed TLC. But we all had one thing in common... we wanted to make our campus a little more beautiful.

So on the afternoon of Sunday, November 5th a group of parents and their kids volunteered their time and power tools and went to work. It was our first NHM Beautification Day and it was just that... beautiful. Leaves were swept up, plants planted, and overgrown trees trimmed. Everyone dove right in, even the kids. I mean, who wouldn't love a game of "Who can pick up the most trash?!" And with our annual Open House only days away, it was the perfect opportunity to do a little cleaning and beautification. 

We hope it's something that not only our NHM family can enjoy, but neighbors and community members all around. People came out of their homes today or stopped during their walks just to say how great everything was looking and how thankful they were. We hope it shows them just how much this school means to us and how dedicated we all are to making it a special place for our kids, our teachers and our community. 

A huge thank you to all of the parents and kiddos who have helped in this process, specifically

Mark Magill
Holly Cauble
Paige Strange
Pennington Family
McOwen Family
Rodriguez Family
Belich Family
Crawford Family

Magill Family
Pinnell Family
Summers Family

Beverly Yates
Kile Family
Pinnell Family
Daniels Family

Here are a few before pictures...

The team unloading the new concrete benches

Our volunteers of all ages hard at work on Beautification Day! 

Courtney Summers