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Wellness Week

  • North Hi Mount Elementary (map)
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September 10 – 14th is Wellness Week! There is no special dress, no special events or parties, just a week to help us remember to take care of our minds and bodies. Each day has a theme to keep in mind and a challenge for each student to think about at school and at home.

Mindful Monday – Start the week right with a cool head and fresh perspective. Take a few minutes to think about your goals for the week. If something makes you frustrated this week, practice stepping away and taking at least 5 deep breaths.

Tasty Tuesday – How many colors of fruits and vegetables can you eat today? Eat the rainbow! Eating a diversity of colorful foods can be an easy way to get a complete range of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

Walking Wednesday –Studies show that fewer children are walking and biking to school, and more children are at risk of becoming overweight. Changing behaviors of children and parents require creative solutions that are safe and fun. Even if you drive to and from school, maybe park a block further away and walk the rest of the way. 

Thirsty Thursday – Let’s fill our water bottles and stay hydrated! Here are some important reasons why:
·        Drinking water relieves fatigue. Consumption of water makes the body function efficiently, while dehydration decreases alertness and concentration.
·        It improves mood. Drinking water can improve your mood and ability to think.
·        It promotes healthy skin. Water helps replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin, and increases the elasticity in your skin.
·        It beats bad breath. Drinking water keeps your mouth moist and washes away food particles and bacteria that make your mouth smelly.
·        Lastly, it keeps you alive! Your body is made up of 65% of water, you need it!

Fitness Friday – Yay! It’s time for the weekend! Here are some ways to stay active and healthy as a family:
·        Before and After dinner walks
·        Dance parties!
·        Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks
·        Weekly sport nights
·        Work in the yard
·        Take the dogs for a walk
·        Take the stairs instead of the elevator

North Hi Mount is Blue Zone Approved! "Blue Zones Project® makes it easy for schools to teach students how to lead longer, happier lives. Schools are already an essential part of helping kids make smart choices about staying healthy. By encouraging better eating habits, implementing tobacco-free policies, and increasing physical activity, schools can use Blue Zones Project to help students and parents form healthy habits for life."

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