The PTA uses multiple online free communication tools, including our website, social media and the free phone app: GroupMe. This tool allows 2-way communication between all PTA leaders and NHM faculty. GroupMe is a quick and easy way to communicate to a large audience. The free app also allows users to join specific chats that are relevant to their communication needs. Ready to sign up? Scroll down to fill out the form and make sure you read the Communication Guidelines. Already connected with us on GroupMe? Great! Please make sure you also review the Communication Guidelines.



Make sure you visit your app store on your phone to download this free application so you can be in the know! And to connect to North Hi Mount, either email or fill out this form to get connected to your appropriate grade-level and/or committee group. 


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Mobile Phone Number
Please provide your mobile number used where you've downloaded the GroupMe app.
Kid(s) Grade Levels
We have separate grade level GroupMe groups setup already so let us know which one(s) you need to join based on what grade your child will be in for the 2017-2018 school year.


  • GroupMe is a free group messaging app

  • NHM PTA uses GroupMe to communicate school news and events with parents

  • There are multiple GroupMe chats under the NHM PTA umbrella:

    • NHM Room Parents

      • Also: Room Parent Leaders

    • NHM Grade Levels (7 total: PK- 5)

    • NHM Moms

    • NHM Auction

    • NHM Garden Club

    • NHM Beautification

    • NHM en Espanol

    • NHM PTA Board

    • NHM PTA Executive Board

  • People wanting to join an account can be added by a current GroupMe member

  • GroupMe has direct message features – a member can direct message another member in the same group

  • Phone numbers are hidden in the GroupMe app

  • Comments can not be deleted once posted on GroupMe .


Below are a few examples of how you can use GroupMe to ask questions about upcoming school events, as well as some messages of what is better for a private direct message, private text, email or phone call.

Examples of questions/comments for your grade-level GroupMe

“If it rains tomorrow, what will we do about the Walkathon?”

“What time does Field Day start?”

“Do we need any more volunteers for the party on Friday?”

Examples of questions/comments better for a PRIVATE message. Please keep these types of comments between you and the teacher, staff member, parent, etc.
“Bobby is going to be sick today”

“Hey Sally, I’m in the portables. Are you here?”

“Jack can’t remember his SmartyAnts login. Can you resend it?

“Jane lost her sweater on the playground. Has anyone seen it?”


In order for us to successfully use GroupMe, the PTA and NHM staff have developed an acceptable use policy. In order for the app to be productive, there is etiquette that will be required for members of  NHM GroupMe chats. 

All North Hi Mount Elementary GroupMe members must be guardians/primary caregivers of a CURRENT North Hi Mount Elementary student OR a North Hi Mount teacher/staff member.

Here are our rules of engagement for participation in North Hi Mount Elementary’s GroupMe chats.

  1. No profanity or vulgar comments.

  2. No accusations or accusatory language toward an individual or group of individuals.

  3. No negative comments about teachers, staff or students.

  4. No comments not related to school events or functions.

  • We encourage your participation in our GroupMe chats. We ask that you exercise civility and goodwill in your communication. Any user that posts comments that are intentionally rude or deride the opinions of others will be removed from the chat.

  • Feel free to ask questions about school events or functions, or information distributed to inform parents.

  • GroupMe chat members with a question not school related should contact NHM PTA Board Members, faculty or administrators in person, phone, or by email.

Keep in mind the more posts on GroupMe the longer the thread (the more chatter, the more clutter).